There is perhaps nothing more noteworthy than finding the best opportunities and environments for your own development. Studying abroad is one of the best ways to do it, but not sure where to start? ESCC is the answer!

  1. Relationships with universities in the United States is an advantage of ESCC in advising an environment suitable to your financial capability and personality. The education system in the United States is diverse, offering a wide range of opportunities to choose and study for more than 3,500 universities and colleges with nearly 500 different disciplines.
  2. The system of schools and diplomas in the United States is very rich, but in general it is quite similar to the levels of education in Vietnam, from secondary schools, to high schools, then to colleges, universities or vocational schools, and there is a division dividing public schools and private schools. Public schools are primarily for domestic students at a lower cost than foreign students. Private schools often have high tuition fees and do not differentiate fees from the subjects enrolled.

Great applications result in great results for studying abroad. Let us help you!

  • Opportunities to receive scholarships and financial support are always open to excellent and dynamic students.
  • Join the Optional Practical Training program to practice in the United States for a year.
  • Join the Optional Practical Training program to practice in the United States for a year.
  • Approved by the US FAA school system will help you find a suitable job in the United States after graduation.

Schools in America are affiliated with ESCC Aviation

Depending on your financial needs and abilities, you can choose the appropriate school to apply after being consulted carefully by ESCC.

Hillbro Flight Academy

39 years of experience in pilot training according to standards set by the US Aviation Administration.

Grand Canyon University

200 study programs with a variety of professions and more than 150 online courses for busy people.

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