ESCC’s summer camp program in conjunction with Singapore’s Inlingua School of Languages ​​will be a special experience for young people who want to get a head start out of Vietnam.

Inlingua School of Languages ​​is part of an international language school system, with over 300 schools in more than 30 countries.
The school was established in Singapore in 1972 and has over 45 years of experience in organizing summer camps for young people.

Why did ESCC choose this program for you?

Inlingua School of Languages ​​organizes useful and novel practical extracurricular sessions, in exciting and lively science districts such as: Science Center of Singapore, Singapore Discovery Center, New Water Plant of Singapore, and many other attractive and useful facilities. You will have the opportunity to access new cultural and social knowledge and technologies that are different from the environment in Vietnam.

Compulsory use of English to function in the collective and independent living environment of Singapore will help improve your level through language experience and cultural exchange with young people from many countries in the world.

The fee is suitable for you in Vietnam. Not as expensive as summer camps in countries like the US or Canada, the vocational summer camp of the Inlingua School of Languages ​​in Singapore is a very good investment in the cost of the modern environment you experience.

Every week from 26th May to 28th July – for the age from 7 years old and up.


Summer camp in Singapore, experience a remarkable life you will never forget.

The methodology employed on DynEd and the coaching of the ESCC teachers helped me overcome barriers in language learning. I am currently learning Dynamic Business English, I am completely satisfied with the program, the lesson content, and the enthusiasm of the teachers here

Ngo Trieu An
Student of Vietnam-Germany International University
Thursday, August 31, 2017

DynEd has been the most useful software to improve my listening and speaking skills that I’ve known so far. Its Aviation English program promotes my career alot. Many thanks for the Global Aviaion English center, ESCC Company and my beloved teachers!

Tran Van Nguyen
Flight Crew 918
Thursday, August 31, 2017

The DynEd English learning software was incredibly convenient and impactful. After 4 months of study, my ability to communicate and use aviation industry terminology improved dramatically. I am now completely confident in my work and in my interaction with foreigners.

Thank you, ESCC and DynEd for providing us with a wonderful English language program

Bui Anh Tuan
Vietnam Helicopter South company

DynEd English learning software is very convenient and effective. After 6 months of learning, communication skills and Aviation specialized terms of our pilots and technical staff have been significantly improved. Thanks to ESCC and DynEd for having a good solution for the Aviation staff, especially the VNHN pilots who achieved ICAO L4

Phan Phuc Tung
Training Department - Deputy Director


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