If you are interested in learning to become a flight dispatcher, then you have probably done some research and found that the ability to speak, understand, and write English is mandatory if you wish to eventually dispatch flights internationally. What you may not know, is why it is mandatory to know English in order to be an international flight dispatcher. English is the universal language for all pilots, air traffic controllers, and aircraft dispatchers who wish to operate in any international aviation work place. The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) is the establishment that determines the English language requirements for all international aviary jobs and is the go-to guide for DynEd courseware in USA as a right program aircraft dispatcher training courses on Aviation English.

While you are researching a career in aircraft dispatching you will come across the term “Aviation English”. This is the study and practice of being able to speak, write, and understand the English language in regards to aviation meteorology, physics, navigation, maps and charts, electronics and avionics, instruments, hydraulics, rules of the air, air traffic control regulations, and more. You will be required to master the precise, unambiguous, and accurate communication of these topics in English both in the air and on the ground, which is crucial to the safe execution of all aviary positions.

If you are interested in becoming proficient in the language of Aviation English, what better way to master the English language than to come to the United States for your aircraft dispatcher training. For many international aircraft dispatcher students, English is not their first language. However, these students understand that if they wish to dispatch flights internationally as a career, their English must be impeccable. Coming to the U.S. is the absolute best way to learn Aviation English.

The ICAO has set new standards for English proficiency for all pilots, air traffic controllers, and flight dispatchers. All speakers of Aviation English must demonstrate a minimum English language proficiency at ICAO Level 4 in order to be fully licensed internationally.

The DynEd Aviation English courseware provides the training and testing to meet the ICAO Level 4 Aviation English requirements. Once you have passed the ICAO Certification exam, recurrent testing is still required based upon the level that you have achieved.  A pilot or air traffic controller who does not get a minimum of Level 4 on the ICAO Certification will restrict their abilities for employment.


Source from an Aviation Academy presented